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What a CPA Can Do for Your Small Business, find out more for the Guide to CPA Services

Why Choose a CPA?

Simply put, a CPA will save you money in the long run and look out for your best interests.  Anyone can drop numbers into software to prepare a tax return.  However, a CPA will analyze your specific situation for tax savings opportunities and help you plan for next year.

What Does It Take to Become a CPA?

CPA's are trusted professionals who are uniquely qualified to meet all of your personal or business financial management and tax planning needs.  To obtain and keep a license, CPA's must:

  • Have  a college degree that often requires 150 semester hours

  • Pass a comprehensive, rigorous four-section professional examination

  • Abide by a code of professional ethics

  • Meet strict state licensing guidelines including:

    • Complete up to 120 hours of continuing professional education every two to three years

    • Obtain a specific amount of professional work experience in public accounting

Is Hiring a CPA Worth it? 5 Tips for Getting Your Money’s Worth, find out more

CPA's are Trusted, Knowledgeable, Strategic Leaders and Competent problem solvers.

Why Choose a CPA For all your tax needs?

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